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$25 Trolley Of Food


What's in the trolley?
Every day our trolley is different depending on what is available on that day but always has fresh fruit and vegetables, fridge and frozen foods like milk, eggs, butter, yoghurt, etc plus a box of dry food like bread, pasta, snacks, rice, sauce, drinks and more!

How do I get a trolley?
You can get our trolley in store at our Loganholme and Hillcrest locations or get it delivered to your house by ordering online at by using our click & collect option

Who can get a trolley?
Everyone is welcome to get our $25 trolley. You don't need a heath care card or provide any kind of documentation. Just shop in store or online.

Is the food out of date?
None of the food in our trolley is past the 'use by' date. Some non-perishable foods may be past the 'best before' date. Food past the best before date is still safe to eat and this is backed up by the food manufactures. If you have received food that is spoiled, please return it to our location and we will do our best to replace it for you.

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NOTE: The photos shown are examples only and $25 trolley and items may vary slightly while stock lasts.

Our locations in Loganholme & Hillcrest are open 6 days per week. To learn more visit

For almost 20 years we have been providing our famous trolley of food to the community. It all started in the garage of a house on Logan Street in Eagleby, with a small group of people who genuinely wanted to make a difference for a few families they knew who were struggling to pay their bills. Right from the beginning – today it has always been the best way we can provide a whole range of products at the lowest possible price.

The goal of the trolley has always been to provide families with their essential groceries like bread, milk, butter, eggs, fruit, vegetables plus a wide range of varying items including products like yoghurt, cheese, chips, frozen foods, juice, soft drink, heath food, snacks and more (depending on availability) to fill their pantry and give them plenty of food to get through the week.

We estimate that we have distributed close to 400,000 trolleys to families struggling to make ends meet over the last 2 decades. As heartbreaking as it is, we are always encouraged to hear stories from families who say they wouldn’t be able to survive without this service, because we know we are truly making a difference in our community.

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